Friday, June 13, 2008

Pancakes anyone?

Salmita queria desayunar pancakes esta manana. Esta era la tercera vez en la semana que me pedia comer lo mismo. Las dos anteriores le hice pancakes de blueberries y se comia de dos a tres pancakes para desayunar.
Salma: "Mom, I want to go to IHOP"
Me: Well honey, it is not possible because Daddy has to work today and Kelsey is too little to take her out to eat.
Salma: "but I want to eat pancakes at IHOP Mom!"
Me: Is that all you want? We can make pancakes here honey.
Salma: "I want happy face!"
Me: "Not problem, just give me a few minutes"
Salma: "I want to help you"
Me: are you sure? is going to take longer.
Salma: "Yes, Mom"
El producto final. Tadaaaa!!!!!!!!!
Le encanta comer fresas pero esta vez no quizo comerse ninguna porque no queria despeinar a su pancake. Que linda.n

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Lauren said...

Wow! She is a greater chef then i was! it looks yummy!
P.S. I have a myspace!