Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

Ha sido un 'year' lleno de alegrias, travesuras, risas, tristezas, aprendimiento, baile, drama,  pero sobre todo felicidad. Que nuestra pequena familia (llena de viejas y drama todo el tiempo) tenga mucha pero mucha salud este proximo ano. Y que todos siempre estemos unidos y felices.
Happy New Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 35th birthday to me

I had a nice birthday. Things like this one above are what makes me be thankful for the people I have around me (Kelsey kept singing me 'happy birthday' all day long and Salma told me many times 'I love you Mommy')
I know they love me and I love them back a whole lot.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Learning new things everyday

Today we were learning the concept of representing tens and ones... "Mommy this is so easy'...

Kelsey surprised me the other day. She started to tell me the numbers in the calculator. I could not believe it... I was waiting for her to be a little older to teach her, but she does know it already... How? well, she is always with Salma and I when we do homework. I guess you think they are not listening or paying attention but they are. Just like she knows most of her alphabet letters.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Santa

"I hope you like the cookies. The carrot is for your reindeer. Love. Salma"

Everyone leaves milk so we left Santa an Inca Kola.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The first one of the season

yes.. we woke up to see a lot of snow today... and I mean a lot. I believe 26 inches in our area. Enough snow to cancel appointments, work and anything that involved going out (school is out so we have a week off :) )
Here is how our day went...

Salma was so excited to go out she could not stop asking for it.

Baby K was enjoying the snow... until it touched her little face...

Oh... snow fight...

...well... not fun anymore...

Guess who had the most fun today?

You've got it...

She wanted her daddy. "Don't like the snow.... let's go hommmme"

Abuelita also is giving her some kisses to make her feel better.

Oh... snow angels... or butterflies like Kelsey says.

She had enough snow for today.

Someone is not happy to go inside the house.

Oh, that is much better.

nice and warm...

but no everyone is happy with the idea to stay inside.

Today was the day to eat some comfort food so we made some pasta figioli soup for lunch and later the girls 'made' chocolate cake.

Oh... why did she change her shirt?
Lately I am trying to let them do a bit more when they help me in the kitchen. So 'go ahead you can crack the eggs for the cake' but the egg when all over her shirt and face. Good thing she was good sports and laugh about it.

hummmm... best part of cake making.

Somebody is eager to eat cake.

Kelsey has been saying "I am big kid now" so tonight I gave her a 'big girl tea cup'

She enjoyed her cake... Indeed it was very spongy and we got to put some 'cajeta' on it and it tasted even better.

We had a good day.