Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't trust a quiet Little Girl

The other day, Carmen gave Salma a nice gift. She made this nice arragement for her. Of course Salma loved it. What is not to like? It is full of chocolate, cookies, and marshmallows. When we got home, she tried a couple of marshmallows and I put it away, then I went to feed Kelsey in my bedroom while Salma was watching TV in the living room. When Baby K was asleep I went to the living room to check on Salma because she was quiet (she usually goes to check on us when I am feeding Kelsey).
To my surprise I found her eating the candy.
As you can see there is a lot of candy missing (well, I ate a few before I put it away.) She even smiled proudly to the camera.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday - Viernes de Recuerdo

No, no es Baby Kelsey. Es bonito recordar verdad? Aqui esta una foto de mi querida Salma cuando era una bebe. Esta foto es una de mis favoritas, me encanta su sonrisa, su cabello, su ropita, bueno todo.
Y pasando a otra cosa, les he dicho lo emocionada que estoy de que Kelsey cumpla 4 meses? Pues si y mucho. Cumplir 4 meses significa empezar a comer solidos, tomar aguita, hacer ejercicios en la silla bouncer y muchas aventuras mas.Nope she is not Kelsey. It is nice to remember, isn't it? Here is a pic of my beautiful Salma when she was a baby. This is one of my favorite ones. I love her smile, her outfit, her hair, everything.
Have I told you how excited I am about Baby Kelsey turning 4 months old? Well, pretty excited. Being 4 months means: start to eat solids, drink water, try the baby bouncer, and more!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My parents came to visit us . Salma had a blast. She always love to see her grandparents. Kelsey on the other hand, did not want to be held by anyone but myself :( I don't know why? She could not last more than two minutes without me holding her back again. Is sad because my parents really want to bond with her. She would smile at them but only when I was holding her and they talking to her. Well, my dad said that hopefully this would change in a few months. I really hope so!
Here is a pic of Salma and her cousin D.
Abuelitos V and Z.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mommy and Me Afternoon

We started the afternoon by going to buy lunch. Later, after having lunch with Daddy at home we got ready to go to the Bookstore. As I mentioned many times one of Salma's favorite places to go. The "Chu-chu train" was a little crowded so we went straight to get some books. Right there, she is showing me one that wants me to read to her. It is funny, these days she gets to "read" some books to us. She makes up stories based on the pictures she sees on how much she remembers the book from the last time I read to her.
Wow, we read quite a few this time. From Potty train books, peek-a-boo books (she still likes them) to almost (I refused to read it) Sponge Bob's books.
Here she is trying to decide on what to read next. We had a great time. The older she gets the better it is to go out with her (of course if she is not cranky) before she almost never listened when I read books to her. I will be reading and she will be doing many things at the time. It is nice to have her next to you listening to the story and asking questions about the book.
Later on, we went to see my parents for a little while. She was like "yeah!!!! we are going to see Grandma Zoyla." She loves to go there and get spoil by her Grandparents.
It was a nice afternoon with my little girl. I also wanted to take Kelsey with me but it was pretty hot outside. So she got to spend the afternoon with her Daddy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little hands

She has discovered her hands. Yes indeed. I am having a hard time these days swaddling her for naps and nightime because all she wants to do is as you can see is play with her little hands and fingers. She is getting bigger and more aware of the world around her. She turns around to see you when you enter the room, also she cries when you leave the room and she is not able to see you. She "talks" more often and laughs when you play with her (I love to hear her). I am just in love with my little girl. I cannot get enough of her. I have to be kissing her all the time and looking at that precious little face of her.
As you can see there is a new Teddy Bear in the house. His name is Walle. Yes, Gradma Zoyla was nice enough to find it for her (same kind as Salma's). She searched all the baby stores, etc until she finally found it. Thank you Grandma you are the best.
Here I am just having fun with my camara. Doesn't she look like her Daddy? Look at her! Those lips is all Felipe's.
Lately, she has to hold her bottle every time I feed her. She grabs it and does not want to let it go. She looks adorable trying to do it herself.

Finally, here is a VIDEO of Baby K. I hope you like it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Here is my beautiful husband with Baby K. Love you Honey! Happy Father's Day. You make me happy. If you cannot read it, Salma is "the diva" and Kelsey is "the princess."

Aren't they adorable? I love to see them together.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pancakes anyone?

Salmita queria desayunar pancakes esta manana. Esta era la tercera vez en la semana que me pedia comer lo mismo. Las dos anteriores le hice pancakes de blueberries y se comia de dos a tres pancakes para desayunar.
Salma: "Mom, I want to go to IHOP"
Me: Well honey, it is not possible because Daddy has to work today and Kelsey is too little to take her out to eat.
Salma: "but I want to eat pancakes at IHOP Mom!"
Me: Is that all you want? We can make pancakes here honey.
Salma: "I want happy face!"
Me: "Not problem, just give me a few minutes"
Salma: "I want to help you"
Me: are you sure? is going to take longer.
Salma: "Yes, Mom"
El producto final. Tadaaaa!!!!!!!!!
Le encanta comer fresas pero esta vez no quizo comerse ninguna porque no queria despeinar a su pancake. Que linda.n

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot already

It's not even the middle of June and it's been really hot these days. That means staying inside the house that whole time! Jikes, We have to think twice before going out these days, Kelsey still is little and we don't want her to feel uncomfortable. Too bad because we were starting to enjoy going to the park or for a walk.
Little Miss S here having fun with her glasses. These days I have to keep her entertainted with her art and craft supplies, making up fun things to do so she does not feel bored.

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Baby Kelseys please..

Tonight while I was in bed with Kelsey getting ready to go to bed, Salma said to me (pointing at my belly)
Salma: "Mommy, when are you going to have another baby Kelsey?"
Me: What?! do you want another baby?
Salma: Yes, I want two more.
Me: So, you want 2 more?!
Salma: No, I want these many (pointing at all her 10 little fingers)
Me: You want 10 babies?
Salma: Yes, Mom.
Me: And how many boys and how many girls do you want?
Salma: All girls Mommy.
Me: Don't you want any boys?
Salma: No Mom, the only boy is Teddy
Me: Well, let's tell Daddy what he thinks of this?
Salma: "Okey, Mommm"

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Finalmente pude tomarle una foto sonriendo! No tuve que insistirle mucho para eso. Usualmente sonrie cuando vez a mami. Eso me encanta. Ver que su carita se ilumina de alegria cuando me ve.

Hoy mi Baby K cumplio 3 meses de nacida. Lamentablemente no tuvo un dia muy bueno. Por alguna razon se la paso llorando casi todo el tiempo. Nose porque cuando vamos a visitar a los Abuelitos llora mucho y eso no me agrada ya que ellos la esperan con tanta alegria y cuando esta asi de lloroncita no la pueden cargar ni disfrutar de su compania. A veces pienso que extranara talvez su casita o cuna ya que se porta igual cuando vamos a la calle. Bueno ya crecera y sera distinto. Va a ser como su hermanita que nunca se quiere ir de casa de ellos y nunca quiere regresar a la casa.
Que hizo Little S hoy? En casa de la Abuelita Zoyla fue como siempre ha dejarle comida (almendras peruanas) para sus amigas las ardillitas. Y como siempre aproveche para tomarle fotos.

Ya entrada la tarde sus Abuelos y yo la llevamos al parque para que se entretenga un rato. Ella en el playground mientras ellos hacian ejercicios caminando.

Buscando flores para regalarle a 'Zoyla' pero no encontro ninguna bonita que le agradara para darle a su querida Abuelita.
Al final del paseo pasamos por Carvel a comer unos ricos helados.

Ya en casa, Salma le dio de comer a su Little Sister "Me encanta verlas juntas."