Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guess Who is Talking?

Kelsey said MAMA!!!
Yes our little baby finally said a word. It just happened yesterday and now she says it all the time (except of course when you want to brag about it and ask her to say it to someone else can hear it) Salma is so thrill about it. Smiles and lets me know every time her little sister is "talking." It paid off, every time I had a moment I would tell her to say "Mama", "Papa" and "Salma" and I am so glad she said Mama first.


Today we went to visit my parents. Salma wanted to see them since Friday. She woke up at 6:00 am and asked me all day long if it was time to go visit them already. She just loves to be there. My Mom and her get along very well and I can see all the love there is between the two of them.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Listas para ir a dormir. No es que Kelsey no este contenta, sino que no le agrada el flash de la camara, cuando me ve que le voy a tomar una foto siempre cierra los ojos. Y tambien claro se saca algo de onda cuando eschucha a su hermanita carcajear fuerte.




P.D. Salmita estuvo enfermita esta semana. Le dio una infeccion de oido. Tuvo que salir de la escuela temprano el martes. La lleve al doctor y le recetaron antibioticos. En un dia se le quito el dolor, pero tiene que tomar la medicina por 10 dias, algo que ella no esta contenta ya que no sabe rica la medicina. El dia que amanecio con el dolor, se veia tan calladita y solo queria estar en los brazos. Al dia siguiente, otra vez esa personalidad alegre y feliz que ella tiene regreso.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Trip to the Library

I took her once before, but we did not stay for long. The few minutes that she's got to spend there I saw that it was something that she might like. Well, yesterday I needed to return a book and took her with me. At first she thought we were going to the bookstore.

Sept19 (1)

Sept19 (2)

As soon as we got there she went straight to the children's section. It is nicely set up with little tables and chairs, puzzles and of course books for them. I remember about her favorite tv character (these days) Caillou and asked the Librarian if they have books about him. Yes indeed, she could not believe all the books she was seeing about Caillou, of course "read" them all in there and then she picked some to take home. The librarian said that lots of kids like him so she already has ordered more books about Caillou.

Sept19 (3)

Sept19 (5)

She also wanted to get a library card (just like Caillou) but she needs to be at least 4 years old. So I tried to trick her and gave her my library card and told her that it was hers, but as you already know Little Salma knows her name and when she looked at it she told me "hey! this is not my card, it does not say Salma"
On our way home she told me that "Daddy can read these for me at bedtime" and soon after bathtime she took a book for her Daddy to read to all of us before Salma and Kelsey went to sleep.

Flashback Friday

Wow, this picture brings me back a lot of memories. It has been over 11 years since we got married.........
We look so young and skinny :(


Now that I see it, I don't think I ever shown Salma our wedding pictures. Well, here is one thing that we can do this comming weekend. Because like her Mommy, she lovesssss to see pictures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Cada manana se alegra cuando le digo que va a ir a la escuela. Decir que le encanta es poco. Todos los dias cuando regresa me dice "What did you do today? ya que yo le pregunto lo mismo y ella me cuenta todo desde las veces que fue al bano, lo que comio, si fue al gym, playground, etc. Se ve tan linda contandome como estuvo su dia. Me doy cuenta que tiene muy buena memoria y ya se esta aprendiendo los nombres de sus companeritos.

Sept15 (1)

Monday, September 15, 2008


She is learning to sit....

Sept15B (17)

Sept15B (26)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 months check up

Yesterday, Kelsey had her 6 months check up. Everything went well, our little girl is growing up and she is a healthy baby.
She is 16 pounds and 5 ounces and 26 inches tall. She also had her scheduled immunizations and of course cried for a few seconds.
Her Doctor told me that I should start easy with the food. Not give her anything homemade like "regular food" that we eat, even if it is crushed or mashed because she could develop allergies.

Sept11 (1)

We both are having more "Mommy and Me" time now that her big sister is at school.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Early bird

Hoy Salmita se desperto antes que todos, hasta antes que sonara el despertador.6:56 A.M. Le dijo a su papito que estaba lista para ir a la escuela. Como todavia era muy temprano, se acosto con nosotros para esperar la hora de empezar a alistarse. Despacio sin hacer bulla a su hermanita jugaba con Teddy Bear y a penas escucho a Kelsey me pregunto bajito si podia ir a darle los buenos dias.
Luego se cambio, desayuno y con ansias esperaba el momento para poder ir a la escuelita. Estaba muy inquieta, y moviendose de arriba para abajo. Cuando la hora llego, se despidio de nosotras y se fue de la mano con su papa. Pero desde la ventana la vimos Kelsey y yo, su carita sonriente, saltando y bailando de alegria porque ya iba a su escuela.

Aqui esta usando los nuevos lentes de mami.

Sept02 (6)

Siempre que llega en la tarde le digo que la extrane mucho. Le pregunto como estuvo su dia. Que cosas interesantes hizo. Sera por eso que hoy al despedirse me dijo "ya me voy, me vas a extranar"

Monday, September 8, 2008

House of tissues...

Baby Kelsey started to have a fever last Tuesday and got sick. Then, Salma started to have a runny nose and got a fever also on Saturday. I, myself am starting to have the symptoms, not to mention Felipe is not sick but he is been having allergies on and off.
So, the most used item in our home these days? tissues! and more tissues. I hope these all goes fast quickly and we get back to normal. K is doing much better and S is doing ok.
Little S slept with us on Saturday because we wanted to watch her and see that her fever was not too high (I secretly love her sleeping in our bed once in a while because I get to see her beautiful little face when she sleeps and to kiss her)

Here are some pics from the last time we went to the park.
Park days will soon be over for this year and we need to enjoy them because the cold will come and we will spend days and days in the house.

August26 (2)

Here is little S in the big kids' slide, she was not so sure to slide down at first (do you see her face? she was a bit scared) but once she did it, she wanted to go back and do it again.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here we go...

Yeap, Salma finally is going to Pre-K. She could not be any happier. Thanks to "Caillou" our little girl looks forward to school, dentist appointments, and things that we might think she could cry or be afraid of. Nope, not her.

There she is waiting for the time to arrive so she can go meet her teacher.
Sept02 (1)

Just waiting for Daddy to pick her up (love the new boots)
Sept02 (4)

This was on her first day of school. Poor thing was sleepy and did not want to eat breakfast that early and that fast, but no complains because she knew school was on her agenda.
Too bad I could not go with her on her first day, Baby K was sick and had a fever.
Setp03A (1)

So, how was it? just look at her big smile. She told me all about it and as soon as her daddy picked her up, she asked him if she could go back the next day.
Sept03 (7)

Salma's teacher told Felipe that she can see our little girl likes school very much. He told her teacher that she actually has been looking forward to school for quite a while already.
First week went well, Salma told me that on Friday they celebrated a classmate's birthday so she ate cake and all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Our family

August31 (37)

Salma con su Papi.
August31 (27)
Ya vieron a quien se parece Kelsey?
August31 (6)

Nuestra Salma.......
August31 (25)

Monday, September 1, 2008

6 months old

As you can see she is a happy and healthier baby girl that loves to giggle, play with her big sister and bath time is one of her favorite things.

Love her eyelashes.