Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saturday trip

isn't she the best big sister? holding her little sister and helping her go down the big kid slide.

now that she wanted to try it by herself.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

crafts with Kelsey

as we know 'big sister' is going to Kindergarten. She sure misses her sister. The first days Kelsey was very upset that Salma was going to school and she was staying home. She did not even want to kiss Sama bye before school.
So to keep her busy until Little S comes home we do some crafts around the house. This week we made a 'flower center piece' with foam stickers, craft sticks and playdough. Kelsey kept blowing to the flowers thinking it was a birthday cake with candles.

We also made a fun turkey character. This was a good idea because she got a chance to use her little fingers. And just like Salma, she gets so serious when she is doing something.

here is the final product. These things keep her busy and entertaint, and why not... also they are lots of practice to get ready for pre-k! 

I know Pre-K is a year away but it is never too early to start, right?

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today, I read to little Kelsey one of the Franklin's book. She still is in between paying attention and playing while I am reading (but never give up) Sometimes when I finished reading to her she takes the book and starts reading it to me (so nice).
Later, before going to bed, I read to Salma one of  Dr. Seuss Book . It was very funny. We tried to see who could read (so good for her reading practice) a complete page without making a mistake (because it was a tongue twister) at the end I finished reading the book myself but reading it in a 'funny way' so I could make her laugh. It is nice to see how much 15 minutes can make.

Now that we are talking about reading, I was reading the latest Scholastic Magazine and I found out that one of our favorite TV shows WordWorld has won two awards. This program is very helpful for the little ones who are learning their letters and beginning spelling. It helped Salma a lot. I remember at the beginning she used to repeat after them, but later she was spelling the words they were working on. So are we starting to do it with Kelsey.

**thanks abuelita for taking these beautiful pictures.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

picnic with the girls

Whenever I said the word 'park' they get very excited and start jumping. Well, this day I just wrote it down in our Day Schedule:: 'play and picnic at the park'
We packed our picnic lunch and headed to the park. We could not complaint. The weather was nice. A little bit of breeze. Just perfect.

Kelsey was exploring the playground. She wanted to try everything. Even the big slide. Always having her big sister next to her. 

"Mommy look at me!"

then we found a nice spot in the park where we could eat. Under a tree. Just perfect. Oh boy where they hungry.
:: flour tortilla quesadillas
:: grapes
:: star shaped apples
:: boiled eggs
:: baby carrots
You would think we were full. Well, one hour later we went to pick up Daddy so he could eat lunch and we ate again.

Kelsey eats well, but sometimes she prefers to live on snacks. When it is mealtime she sometimes eats a tiny bit and does not want anything else. Later, she ends up asking for a snack. I guess this time she finished everything because it looked like a snack rather than lunch.

taking a break. looking at the beautiful sky. 

it was a beautiful day. The sky looked nice.

enough quiet time. It is time to chase the butterflies. And so they did until they heard something. It was a little boat in the water.

now it is time to throw rocks in the water, but this did not last long because I was afraid they would fall in the water.

She wanted me to picture her using the 'big kids' swing' 

It was a nice day to spend our day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

there was a chance for one more time

yes, one more time to go to the beach. yesterday was really nice and we decided to make a trip to the beach. Salma did not waste any moment and jumped in the water. Kelsey spent her time playing with the sand, but she does not like the water that much because it is a bit cold for her (and for Mommy)

Here is Kelse craying a bit because the water splashed her.

oh! much better

looking for seashells

she played with this boy. they were jumping up everytime a 'wave' came

Salma was very hungry. She ate really well. I ate Hawaiian Pizza again! after about 4 years (oh boy I missed eating pineapple)

it was a really nice day. they girls slept on our way back home.