Saturday, December 27, 2008


Mi pequeña bebe esta enfermita. Tiene un virus de la gripe. No se le puede dar medicina porque no ayuda en nada. Ayer la lleve al hospital porque me preocupaba su respiracion y que ya tenia varios dias con eso. Nos quedamos todo el dia alli. Muchos de los niños en emergencias tenian lo mismo que ella. RSV o infeccion con el virus respiratorio syncytial.
Bueno, solo esperamos que se le vaya pronto porque no me gusta ver a mi bebe enfermita.

Pasando a otra cosa, de todos los juguetes que tiene, cual creen que es su favorito?
Pues el control de la television. Le encanta, y empieza a patalear, moverse y tratar de agarrarlo en cuanto lo ve. No la dejamos jugar con eso pero le encanta tenerlo en la mano. Lo curioso de todo es que cuando lo agarra se voltea a ver la tele y apunta con el para tratar de cambiar los canales. Cuando eso sucede, empieza a gritar y celebrar.

Regresando de el hospital. Le regalaba una sonrisota a quien le dijera hola.

Hay veces que me da la impresion que dice "tv" cuando ve la tele o la prendemos.

Sentada en su corralito por primera vez.

Carrots anyone???

Not to worry anyone. My mom just gave her the piece of carrot for a moment. We did not intend for her to eat it, but she sure wanted to do so.

P.D. Do you like Kelsey's t-shirt?


Yeap, we already had snow-days. Here is my cute husband enjoying it.


Little S wanted to have her hair like her little sister K (cerquillo).
December21 (4)

All smiles.

December22 (2)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad

que pasen este dia en union de sus seres queridos,


Un regalo muy bonito que tuvimos, Kelsey ya esta GATEANDO!!!
Miren a nuestra pequeñita en este video que tomamos hoy,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

bate bate chocolate..

mix your chocolate, chocolate...


p.s. We are so excited to know that our "chuitos" and tia "Palola" are coming back. We are counting the days until we see them again.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

So far this December..

we had no posts at all. That is why here is some pictures from this month.
We begin with Kelsey. We had her 9 months-old check up.
She weighted 18 lbs and 6 ounces and 27 1/2 height. The doctor gave her the ok to eat "puff cereal" She loves it. She had to learn how to pick them up, but in two days she was a pro. The funny part is that, I clapped every time she got one into her mouth. So she learned how to clap! Now, when she puts one in her mouth, she claps.

December02 (2)

Here is Kelsey trying to bite her big sister. Good thing she does not have any teeth yet.

December05 (2)

We had quite a few doctor's appointments this month. From baby K's check up, ear infeccions, colds, dentist check ups, and flu shots.

December05 (7)

I like this in black and white.

December05 (6)

Sometimes, Salma gets a bit jelous of her sister. Like here, I've got a headband for K and she wanted to wear one also.


December13 (1)

Sister love,

December13 (2)

She looks so cute. I like to see her wearing leggings. She has chubby legs.

December13 (7)

We went to see "Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe" on her birthday. Also, we presented Kelsey to her as we did 3 years ago with Salma.
December14 (3)

Outside church. I was holding her so I could not see her well to take the picture. But that smile makes me smile.

December14 (4)

Here is Salma with Grandpa V. He is helping her build a snowman. At the end, he did all the work.

December14 (8)

Playing a little bit before going to bed.

December14 (15)

We went to the library for a movie. We knew Santa was going to be there. Here she is wearing a reeindeer headband she won. Kelsey stayed home with abuelitos because it was very very cold.

December20 (3)

Love them both.

December20 (6)

December20 (8)

I hope you like the pictures.