Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Celebration

We planned to go to the City's picnic and stayed late for the fireworks. Salma had a really great time. She got to eat cotton candy, ice-cream, cheeseburgers, well you get the picture. Baby K was really nice. She did not cry or was cranky. Later on, Salma told her Daddy that she wanted to go ride the ponies. She had a blast. She was not a bit scared of the little horsies. Salma even wanted to pet them.

Do you see her? She liked the spinning game. She wanted more and more "faster!!! please"
It did rain a little bit, but we did not want to leave because it was the first time Salma was going to see the fireworks at close.
I love them. They are so great together and always have a nice time.
Still waiting for the fireworks. They made us wait for a lonnnngggg time, but it was worth it. The look at my little girl's face was priceless when she saw it. Felipe and Baby K went home early, it was going to be too late and noisy for our little baby.

Do you see how excited she was? A lot. She wanted more and more. It was really nice. I am glad she had a great time. During the fireworks she kept on saying "Mommy are you having fun? because I am." So cute.

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