Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10 on Tuesday {Salma the BIG Sister}

1. It used to be like this. Kelsey crying and wanting Salma to be quiet and not even speak when she was having her bottle. She will get fussy and cry all the time with her (I guess because Salma was all excited about her new sister that she wanted to hold her, carry her, kiss her all the time)
2. Every time it was feeding time she will say "I want to do it." Not so much now (I guess she got use to having her around). But when we do it, she goes and kisses her little sister in the head, cheeks, toes, legs, well you get the idea. Is funny because Kelsey is falling asleep and she goes and says "Ya se durmio???" with a bit smile and gives me the thumbs up and says "Shhhh, we have to be quiet"

3. She tells Kelsey "I am the big Sister and you are the Little Sister."
4. Kelsey gives her a big smile every time she sees her sister. I sure love to see them both together.
5. Salma likes to help me when I am with Kelsey. She brings me the bottles, boopy, chupon, anything that I might need.She knows where things are and is very helpful.

6. Salma cannot see her sister drolling because she immediatelly yells "Babas!!!" and goes to clean her up (not so delicate sometimes)
7. Salma loves to enterntaint her little sister while I am fixing them lunch or a snack. Kelsey likes it so much
8. She sure loves her sister a lot, but still cannot share Teddy Bear with her.

9. She is always telling her sister that she is a little baby and cannot eat "big girl" food.
10. Almost every night before bedtime we get together in our room and Salma gets to "read" us a story. She always leaves the book on my bed while I am feeding Kelsey and she goes to brush her teeth. She tells Kelsey "No peeking! wait for me" but Kelsey does "open" the book and does not wait for Salma (ok, I am the one who opens the book to show it to Kelsey but is funny because Salma laughs at it every time and loves it when we do that)

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