Saturday, August 30, 2008

summer 08

This was a nice summer for Salma. This was the summer of new things, the summer of learning and the summer of adventures. She is 3 years old now and we wanted her to enjoy it.
She did many things like: visited the local zoo,
wen to play at the parks,

went to the movies,

cooked with her mommy, grandma and even took a class,
went to the water park,
spent time with her little sister, went to the beach, did some crafts,
learned her ABC's, numbers, Daddy's phone number, spell her name, shapes, etc, went to the local bookstore for story time, rode a horse for the first time, saw fireworks, eat lots of ice-cream, played in the kiddo pool, played with her cousins and one of her favorites, spent time with grandma Z. Well, it was nice, she had lots of fun. Now she is waiting to begin Pre-K next Wednesday. I can not believe my little girl is going to school already. It is true, time does go by quickly.

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