Friday, September 19, 2008

Trip to the Library

I took her once before, but we did not stay for long. The few minutes that she's got to spend there I saw that it was something that she might like. Well, yesterday I needed to return a book and took her with me. At first she thought we were going to the bookstore.

Sept19 (1)

Sept19 (2)

As soon as we got there she went straight to the children's section. It is nicely set up with little tables and chairs, puzzles and of course books for them. I remember about her favorite tv character (these days) Caillou and asked the Librarian if they have books about him. Yes indeed, she could not believe all the books she was seeing about Caillou, of course "read" them all in there and then she picked some to take home. The librarian said that lots of kids like him so she already has ordered more books about Caillou.

Sept19 (3)

Sept19 (5)

She also wanted to get a library card (just like Caillou) but she needs to be at least 4 years old. So I tried to trick her and gave her my library card and told her that it was hers, but as you already know Little Salma knows her name and when she looked at it she told me "hey! this is not my card, it does not say Salma"
On our way home she told me that "Daddy can read these for me at bedtime" and soon after bathtime she took a book for her Daddy to read to all of us before Salma and Kelsey went to sleep.

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