Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, I tried something different. I put Kelsey to sleep for her morning nap with her bottle. She seemed a bit sleepy so I wanted to see what would happen. She felt asleep almost at the end of her bottle, then turned around on her belly and went right to sleep. No fuss, no crying, no calling "mama".
Lately, she has been playing with the "farm house" toy. It is so amazing to see how fast they learn things at this age. Now, she knows what buttons to press and how to play the music. She is paying more attention to things and toys that before she would not care to play with. She loves to hold and see her big sister's books. I like to see when Salma tells her "this is not a toy Kelsey" (because Kelsey wants to bite her sister's books).
Funny thing, yesterday, Salma was giving to Kelsey her Gerber fruit cereal, and when Salma put one in her mouth she "felt" Kelsey's little teeth. With a surprise look on her face she said: "Oh! Kelsey has teeth".

Here she is always happy for meal time.

January13 (10)

Here with her Tia Palola, OMG she is giving K donuts!!!

January21 (3)

Why do we bother buying them toys?

January21 (12)

Lovely winter.


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