Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday Breakfast

Me: "Salma what would you like to have for breakfast?" (I always know what the answer is going to be)
Salma: "Mmmm... How about PANCAKES!!"
Me: "Sure.... Do you want to make a happy face?"
Salma: "Yes, but I wanto to do it myself"

That is the phrase theses days "I want to do it all by myself"

I wanted to make something special for her since she was starting to feel sick. Poor thing, I took her to the doctor yesterday because she was getting an ear infection. Now, there is lots of "drama" everytime I have to give her ear drop medicine.

Happy kid.

This time, she is making one happy face pancake for her grandma Z.

Speaking of cutties, Little K was looking at her plate and did not what to do for like 7 seconds, then she realized it was food and began to enjoy it (juicy mandarins)

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