Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunny Day

Today was a nice day. The weather was nice. I was getting tired of so much rain. So I decided to go out with the girls. First, we went to buy some sippy cups, utensils, and other stuff that they needed.
Then, we went to the mall. Just to walk around and buy some sandals for Summer. I wanted to say that they were good. We were out for 4 hours, Kelsey even took an hour nap on her stroller.
Salma had the "sniffles" on her birthday. Poor thing, she refused to go another day to the movies. We watched "Aliens v. Monsters" 3D. She kept saying "I don't like this movie" because it was a bit scary for her. Her cousins came on Friday to sing "Happy Birthday" to her and eat cake.

Here is Kelsey having breakfast by herself! Sometimes she makes a big mess.

Kelsey got sick as well, good thing it was not as bad as other times.

These days, Salma is working on her writing. Here she is with her cousin A.

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