Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early birds

Yes, by 8:30 A.M. we were out heading to the park. Nice weather, no too many people out in the park, nice and quiet. That is what I used to do with Salma. We would get up early, get some breakfast and eat it at the park. Then, we would play for a while and when it started to get hot, humid, and crowded we would go back home.
We had a nice time, just the three of us. Daddy got a brake and went back to sleep.



Little K is a big baby now and wants to try everything out. Sometimes she takes your hand off her because she wants to stand by herself.


This slide was a bid scary for her last year, but not now.


Kesley kept looking at her big sister. She had a good time at the swing.


And of course, big Sis' had to help her out.


Every now and then Salma checked how her sister was doing. Kisses..


The park was nice. Last year they were working on the pond and we can see they did a nice job. Salma loved the new "riachuelo" and wanted to take all the rocks out.



Later on, Salma and I went to the pool. Nice! we had a great time together.


Anonymous said...

q lindas las fotos!!!
tia nadia

Anonymous said...

muy lindas las fotos y que bien se llevan aunque Baby K. es media pegaloncita pero ahi la llevan