Saturday, October 2, 2010

our day in pictures

as the first Saturday of every month...we went to Home Depot's kids workshop.
...always fun with the hammer...

first time at HD for our little one...

"I see you Mamma"...

here she is modeling her new apron.

next, we went to a farm for:
::: petting a horse ... nope ... too scary to touch
::: face painting ... nope ... too messy
::: build your own scarecrow ... nope ... got already scared with the one in display
::: say hi to Elmo ... nope ... did not know Elmo was that big that baby K did know like him that much

well hopefully next time we will have better luck.

last stop, the park to collect leaves for a class project.

there they go to find more leaves.

it does not matter if they are all day having fun and going to places. it is never enough. they never want to go back home.

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Anonymous said...

que linda SE VE kelsey con su apron