Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since this time of the year is a bit cold, we decided to go trick-or-treating indoors. So we went to the mall for a day of fun. Hum! that meant having Cinnabon for breakfast. We ate with the abuelitos.

As you can see Kelsey was a bunny and Salma was dressed as Olivia the Pig.

My little baby was not feeling well that day, but that did not stop her for enjoying Halloween. There were times when she just wanted me to have her in my arms so she could rest.

Here there are celebrating that they are getting candy.

by the end of the day she was tired and ready to nap. Later, we waited for the trick-or-treaters to knock our door. As always we ate some candy and gave away the rest.

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lindas con sus disfrases