Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all about me poster

As predicted we did not have school today. Not too much fun in the morning since we had an icestorm... lots of ice to shovel.
Anyway... we have been working on this poster for the past two days.
She is the Student of the Month... which she is so proud about.
Also, she brought a Certificate of outstanding achievement for the month... Hooray for Salma...

The poster says:
3 Wishes:: I wish... to be healthy.  ... to travel to some place nice. ... to have a PET.
Some things I like:: cooking, baking, reading, princesses, and arts and crafts.
Some things I don't like:: alligators, corn, peas, and crocodiles.
When I grow I would like to be:: An Engineer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

muy buena Salmita ... me gusto todo lo que te gusta y lo que no y quieres ser ingeniera que bien...suerte...mucha suerte