Thursday, May 29, 2008

She giggled!

Yes my beautiful Baby K giggled for the first time tonight. I put her on her crib to change her clothes when I started to talk to her and show her the little toys on her music mobile. Then looked at her and said "Agugugu" and all the suddent she giggled!!!! I loved it. Salma and I made a happy dance because it was for the first time.
She started to smile and cue a few weeks ago, but this is different (she made a tiny sound when she giggled). It made us laugh and celebrate it. To bad when Felipe showed up to see it Baby K did not do it. I bet we will see more of this and most often pretty soon.
These days I find myself making funny faces and noises to make her smile. The look on her little face is priceless. When you see that little baby smiling at you oh, it melts my heart.

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