Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little hands

She has discovered her hands. Yes indeed. I am having a hard time these days swaddling her for naps and nightime because all she wants to do is as you can see is play with her little hands and fingers. She is getting bigger and more aware of the world around her. She turns around to see you when you enter the room, also she cries when you leave the room and she is not able to see you. She "talks" more often and laughs when you play with her (I love to hear her). I am just in love with my little girl. I cannot get enough of her. I have to be kissing her all the time and looking at that precious little face of her.
As you can see there is a new Teddy Bear in the house. His name is Walle. Yes, Gradma Zoyla was nice enough to find it for her (same kind as Salma's). She searched all the baby stores, etc until she finally found it. Thank you Grandma you are the best.
Here I am just having fun with my camara. Doesn't she look like her Daddy? Look at her! Those lips is all Felipe's.
Lately, she has to hold her bottle every time I feed her. She grabs it and does not want to let it go. She looks adorable trying to do it herself.

Finally, here is a VIDEO of Baby K. I hope you like it.

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