Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mommy and Me Afternoon

We started the afternoon by going to buy lunch. Later, after having lunch with Daddy at home we got ready to go to the Bookstore. As I mentioned many times one of Salma's favorite places to go. The "Chu-chu train" was a little crowded so we went straight to get some books. Right there, she is showing me one that wants me to read to her. It is funny, these days she gets to "read" some books to us. She makes up stories based on the pictures she sees on how much she remembers the book from the last time I read to her.
Wow, we read quite a few this time. From Potty train books, peek-a-boo books (she still likes them) to almost (I refused to read it) Sponge Bob's books.
Here she is trying to decide on what to read next. We had a great time. The older she gets the better it is to go out with her (of course if she is not cranky) before she almost never listened when I read books to her. I will be reading and she will be doing many things at the time. It is nice to have her next to you listening to the story and asking questions about the book.
Later on, we went to see my parents for a little while. She was like "yeah!!!! we are going to see Grandma Zoyla." She loves to go there and get spoil by her Grandparents.
It was a nice afternoon with my little girl. I also wanted to take Kelsey with me but it was pretty hot outside. So she got to spend the afternoon with her Daddy.

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