Sunday, July 20, 2008

Making S'Mores for Daddy

And of course for herself also. Did I say already how much Salma and her Daddy love sweet treats? Well, a lot. She has been wanting to make roasted marshmelows for a while. Well, we did the closest best thing we could make indoors, smores. We tried in the oven, ah!! too long and wasn't working. Then, I though "maybe we can make them in the microwave?" and tadaaa!! It worked! less time and more happy faces. I am always trying to find ways that she can help me "cook" She just loves it when she is my little helper. She likes to try the food we are preparing and always says "let me check mommy" to see if it tastes good.
She is ready to surprise her Daddy with the sweet treat. He did not know what we were doing in the kitchen.

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Lauren said...

looks delicious!!!save some for me, cause I am eating healty now, well no to healty but I try, lol and remember to tell your dad to do some abs after eating those yummy food...take care. your aunt PAOLA