Tuesday, July 22, 2008

S is for Salma

I am so proud of my Little girl. As I said before we are getting ready for Pre-School. Well, these days we are learning to reconize the alphabet. As I read in a book, children should start by learning their names. That was done in a day!!! She could spell all the letters in her name and also a few days ago I notice that she can also read her name. At random, I would write it and she would say "it says Salma."
Well, last night after bathtime I asked her "Salma how do you spell your name" and to my surprise she spelled out loud S A L M A!!!! I was excited for my little girl. I asked her to spelled but wasn't expecting to get an answer, I was just making a conversation.


Lauren said...

GOOD JOB SALMA!!! ummmm It's that the way you spell it?, please correct me if I am wrong, jaja..but tell little K to be silence the next time....just jking, again...take care, and one more thing, can you spell it in spanish like EO now (jaja), bye mamita and now it is little k turns, well it is easy just "K" (LOL). PS you know ur crazy aunt Paola....bye

Valeria said...

caramba q bella y q grandes qestan no hay duda la familia crece cada dia/.....besos para todos ...a ver si nos reunimos para el desfile...byeeeeee

Tio Perico

mitt namn said...

Hola que tal hace mucho que no sabia nada de ustedes como ha crecido las pequeñitas estan muy lindas y la mamaita no se queda atras ahora estas rubia amiga , pero te queda muy bonito , yo tambien tengo un hijito que va a cumplir tres en oct. pero no le gusta hablar mucho español solo Sueco ya sabe tambien decir como se llama . bueno si ellos son tan inteligente como las madres no crees jajajajaja. bueno amiga cuidate mucho gusto de saber de ti y tu famili besos