Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sprayground overload

Today was a fun day. We decided at the last minute to visit the Sprayground in our neighborhood. Good thing because it was such a nice morning; not too hot or humid. There were small trees to protect us from the sun and there was a nice breeze that kept us cool.
If these pictures look like a lot of fun and indeed we had a good time. My parents joined us today and it was nice to spend the day with them. Little Miss S is testing the place (it is her first time here)
Ohhhh, she did not see it comming.
She is not sure if she should go in.

This looks like fun..

It is fun...

Having lots of fun.

Baby K also enjoyed it a lot. She even wore Salma's old suit (it fits her already!!)

Just beautiful..
My Dad was all smiles because Baby K did not cry when he held her.

Someone is happy and enjoying the nice summer breeze.
My girls and Me.

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