Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We went to the beach last Sunday. This was the first time Kelsey was at the beach. Not so great I might say. She did not want to sleep (inside the nice tent her Daddy built for her) neither wanted to be outside most of the time because she started to cry. It could have been the noise or the beach breeze that bother her a little, I don't know.
I did not want to have her out in the sun too much either. She still is too little and I didn't want her to get a sunburn.
On the other hand, Salma enjoyed a lot. The night before she overheard us taking about it and got all excited. She did the classic "are we there yet?" and could not wait to be there.
Once we got there, we started to set our things and other stuff, but not her! She was like "Daddy let's go in the water", "are you done?", "Can we go now?"
One funny thing is that when we were about to enter the beach (of course it is full of sand) Salma did not want to walk at all. Once she started to walk she felt sand in her shoes. She said that the sand was getting inside her shoes and she did not like it "clean it mommy" but what I was supposed to do? you are at the beach "your feet are going to touch the sand."
As you can see she got over that soon.

Salma and Grandma Zoyla.

Salma and Abuelo Vale. Why are they eating donuts on the beach? Because anything tastes good at the beach.
Salma and Daddy.
My parents love the water. See them?
It got cloudy and we knew the rain was comming soon.

Someone did not want to leave and we had to leave a bit early than planned because it was starting to rain. As soon as we got home she told us that if we could go back the next day. It was a nice to go out as a family. I bet next year will be better because my little Kelsey will be walking around and playing in the sand with her big sister.

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Lauren said...

no way jose!!! the next year will be worst because she will be walking and you are going to be checking her all the time and tell her not to go close to the me. Mi little niece K looks so cute, cute, cute como un cuy, no!!!, estoy bromeando, solo que rima, jaja Cuidense mucho y por lo que veo los abuelos se estan gozando mucho de sus nietas, como dije aprovechen que los chuitos no estan jaja..bye take care and kiss to big S . Paola