Saturday, August 23, 2008

this week's favorites

Here are some of my favorites pictures from this week. The weather was nice and we had to enjoy it going to the park a couple of days, water park, for walks and having fun.
Salma made friends every where she went and Kelsey got to take naps outdoors and enjoy the view.

Stop and smell the flowers.
Off to the park.

Here is Little Miss S sticking her tongue out to her mommy.
One of her favorite things to do.

Baby K ready for bedtime and not so interested in the camera.

She finally got to enjoy blowing bubbles. We always forget to bring it or it is not the right place to play with it.

As soon as she started to blow bubbles, all the kids where around her.
Baby K enjoying the weather. She is such a nice baby. Loves to be outdoors and does not mind taking a nap on the park.
Ready for our morning walk.
We sat Kelsey on this chair and she immediatelly pulled herself up.

Remember this chair? She was so tiny the first time we sat her in there. Not even one week old
Looked at her now! She is almost 6 months old.

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