Thursday, August 21, 2008


Baby Kelsey has been busy these days. Learning to play with the caterpillar and being standing at the same time.
Here is Baby K the first time she played with it. Her big sister was all over her and wanted to play with it herself.
First time, she drank from the sippy cup (still working on it)
First time, she eat prunes. Also, she has already eaten homemade chicken soup. Love it!!!!!
Practicing holding her bottle.
Her cute socks (I looked everywhere for these ones)
And many things that are to come. Next month, she will start with the "andador" and we won't be able to stop her. Also, she will get her ears pierced after her 6 month-old check up and immunizations. Oh, my baby is growing up. The other day we bought her clothes that are for 9 month-olds and fitted.
She does not want to sleep swaddled anymore. So she cried for a few times because every time I put her on the crib she will roll-over and cry (since she did not know how to sleep on her tummy) and then she got use to it. The peditrician told me that if she rolls over when she sleeps is ok because I cannot spend the entire night putting her back on her back every time she does it. Salma did the same thing, she will fall asleep and roll-over and I will turn her back and she will do it again, and so on.

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Lauren said...

le quedan como a mi suegra (lol)las medias bien ajustadas y gorditas sus canillas...pero esta grande y lo mas triste es que se esta perdiendo de que la tia Paola la pueda cargar...recuerdale quien soy y que tiene una tia que la quiere mucho, bye