Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here we go...

Yeap, Salma finally is going to Pre-K. She could not be any happier. Thanks to "Caillou" our little girl looks forward to school, dentist appointments, and things that we might think she could cry or be afraid of. Nope, not her.

There she is waiting for the time to arrive so she can go meet her teacher.
Sept02 (1)

Just waiting for Daddy to pick her up (love the new boots)
Sept02 (4)

This was on her first day of school. Poor thing was sleepy and did not want to eat breakfast that early and that fast, but no complains because she knew school was on her agenda.
Too bad I could not go with her on her first day, Baby K was sick and had a fever.
Setp03A (1)

So, how was it? just look at her big smile. She told me all about it and as soon as her daddy picked her up, she asked him if she could go back the next day.
Sept03 (7)

Salma's teacher told Felipe that she can see our little girl likes school very much. He told her teacher that she actually has been looking forward to school for quite a while already.
First week went well, Salma told me that on Friday they celebrated a classmate's birthday so she ate cake and all.

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Lauren said...

Salma te gusto? Yeahhh good for you, now lets way after 6 months to see if you still like, not!! you can do it. But, Valeria why you didnt see her face when she went inside the classroom, that is the most important part, because you start crying and crying until your husband has to say "you want to eat breakfast outside, will that makes you feel better" jaja, well I went throught that already, now I have to way for college...take care bye