Monday, September 8, 2008

House of tissues...

Baby Kelsey started to have a fever last Tuesday and got sick. Then, Salma started to have a runny nose and got a fever also on Saturday. I, myself am starting to have the symptoms, not to mention Felipe is not sick but he is been having allergies on and off.
So, the most used item in our home these days? tissues! and more tissues. I hope these all goes fast quickly and we get back to normal. K is doing much better and S is doing ok.
Little S slept with us on Saturday because we wanted to watch her and see that her fever was not too high (I secretly love her sleeping in our bed once in a while because I get to see her beautiful little face when she sleeps and to kiss her)

Here are some pics from the last time we went to the park.
Park days will soon be over for this year and we need to enjoy them because the cold will come and we will spend days and days in the house.

August26 (2)

Here is little S in the big kids' slide, she was not so sure to slide down at first (do you see her face? she was a bit scared) but once she did it, she wanted to go back and do it again.


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