Monday, October 6, 2008

B is for bandana

She is doing great at school. When I picked her up from it last Friday, the teacher told me that Friday was the first time that she fell asleep at "quiet time" The first time!
She brings her "art work" at home. I love to see them. Last month was the color Yellow, so she painted and did many things with that beautiful color. She even learned a song about it.


Am I getting old? or this little girl is growing up so fast. I remember no so long ago that she was learning to walk and look at her now! She is a beautiful little girl. Felipe and I love her and her little sister so much.




Queria usar la bandana como el Abuelito Vale la usa cada vez que va a trabajar en su casa (pintando, arreglando, etc)

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Anonymous said...

salmita q bien q todo te va bueno en la escuela...tu primita poco a poco se va soltando mas!!!
te quiere mucho tu tia Nadia