Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick seven

1. Going to school means having a whole new set of germs to get use to. In the month and a half that Salma is been going to school, she has gotten sick 3 times. Two of them with the flu and one with an ear infection. The thing about having two kids? well, if one gets sick, you can bet that the other will get it eventually.

2. Kelsey said "TA TA" the other day. Felipe is not accepting it as she saying "papa" he wants to hear her saying Papa. We will have to keep on working on it then.

3. Every time Kelsey wakes up from her nap and I go to her room to see her, she is doing this. She is peeking to see us. It just is so cute to see her doing it, but I think we (when I said we, I mean Felipe) are going to have to lower the mattress a level down.


4. I do not know what to do with Kelsey's hair. It is growing and she has a lot! I would like to put some hair clips but I am afraid she can get them and put them in her mouth.

5. Salma missed her "picture day" It was on one of the days that she missed school because she was sick. Well, there is always next year.

6. Salma had her follow up visit today with her doctor. Her ear was fine, but poor thing needed to have an immunization shot. She did not cry at all. She just looked at me with a really sad face and got over it really quick. For that, her nurse gave her a nice lollipop and a few stickers.

7. Funny thing, Felipe dressed Kelsey today. From the clothes she was wearing she looked like a boy. I forgot how many times I had to say today "she is not a boy"

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ana paola said...

eso es ser hermosa, levantandose con la belleza natural...vez que linda se ve