Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kelsey update

1. She had her 1 year check up last Saturday. Everything went well until the moment of her getting her shots :( not a pretty thing. My little girl cried and kicked as never before. She did not like it at all. The good thing is that 10 minutes later, she was fine at ate some tortillas for lunch.

2. She says: Mama, Teddy, hello, and in her language Salma. We are beginning to hear her beautiful little voice more often.

3. She is beginning to wear dresses. She looks so beautiful and different.

4. She is a pro with the walker.

5. She thinks that because she is sitting in her highchair she must eat all the time she is there. Do not even think about sitting her just for fun, nope you must give her something to eat.

6. If we are all eating on the table, she refuses to eat from her plate and moves her head saying "no" and points at your plate like saying "I want from yours" but most of the time, we all are eating the same thing.

7. She is weighting 21 lbs 10 ounces and she is 28 inches tall.

8. She still prefers her sister's Teddy bear instead of her Walle Bear.

9. She plays peek-a-boo and "hides" by covering her eyes (how cute).

10. Today, she ate strawberries and loved them. She kept asking for more.

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