Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Baby Kelsey:

You are my sweet little baby. The youngest of two beautiful girls that God gave us. The day you were born I experienced again the beautiful pleasure of giving birth to a baby.
I was worried and excited at the same time, I would asked myself if you would look just like your big sister Salma. The first couple of days were difficult because I could not see you. Doctors kept you on observation just to make sure you were OK. I thank God it was only precaution and you were healthy and fine.
When we got you home, you slept most of the day, but wanted to cry all night I remember when I gave you your first bath you were so calm and closed your eyes when I washed your little head.
Your big sister was so thrilled of having you with us, she wanted to feed you all the time and gave you lots of kisses. At first, you did not like it so much and cried when Salma was too loud. When it was time to feed you, the house had to be very quiet or you will start crying.
My dear baby, this first year of your life has been wonderful. You are a sweet little girl that loves to eat anything. When you get full, you nod your head saying "no more" and you always want to drink from your sister's cup (even if sometimes you both are drinking the same thing)
I cannot tell you what is you favorite food yet because you like all, strawberries and bananas are on your list for sure as favorite fruits. I bet you will love to eat watermelon this Summer (it is Mommy's favorite)
As far as walking, you are beginning to five a few steps.
You still don't want anything to do with your Teddy Bear, but love to play with your sister's. Also, you always want to do and have what your sister is doing. You both play "tag" (you in your walker) and every time you run after your sister, it makes her laugh.
For some reason, every time you have her close to you, you pull her hair and of course she does not like it.
I am excited for you because now that you are getting older I want to take you out to the park, pool, beach, zoo, and all the places I can think of once the weather is nice.
My little baby, always remember that Mommy and Daddy love you and your sister very much.... Love......

P.S. Happy 13 month-old.

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ZOYLA said...

preciosa .bela ragaza. encantadora criatura. so cute.