Wednesday, September 22, 2010

crafts with Kelsey

as we know 'big sister' is going to Kindergarten. She sure misses her sister. The first days Kelsey was very upset that Salma was going to school and she was staying home. She did not even want to kiss Sama bye before school.
So to keep her busy until Little S comes home we do some crafts around the house. This week we made a 'flower center piece' with foam stickers, craft sticks and playdough. Kelsey kept blowing to the flowers thinking it was a birthday cake with candles.

We also made a fun turkey character. This was a good idea because she got a chance to use her little fingers. And just like Salma, she gets so serious when she is doing something.

here is the final product. These things keep her busy and entertaint, and why not... also they are lots of practice to get ready for pre-k! 

I know Pre-K is a year away but it is never too early to start, right?

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Anonymous said...

good job kelsey....tu tia nadia