Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today, I read to little Kelsey one of the Franklin's book. She still is in between paying attention and playing while I am reading (but never give up) Sometimes when I finished reading to her she takes the book and starts reading it to me (so nice).
Later, before going to bed, I read to Salma one of  Dr. Seuss Book . It was very funny. We tried to see who could read (so good for her reading practice) a complete page without making a mistake (because it was a tongue twister) at the end I finished reading the book myself but reading it in a 'funny way' so I could make her laugh. It is nice to see how much 15 minutes can make.

Now that we are talking about reading, I was reading the latest Scholastic Magazine and I found out that one of our favorite TV shows WordWorld has won two awards. This program is very helpful for the little ones who are learning their letters and beginning spelling. It helped Salma a lot. I remember at the beginning she used to repeat after them, but later she was spelling the words they were working on. So are we starting to do it with Kelsey.

**thanks abuelita for taking these beautiful pictures.

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Anonymous said...

que preciosa se ve kelsey con esos jeans!!!!