Sunday, September 12, 2010

there was a chance for one more time

yes, one more time to go to the beach. yesterday was really nice and we decided to make a trip to the beach. Salma did not waste any moment and jumped in the water. Kelsey spent her time playing with the sand, but she does not like the water that much because it is a bit cold for her (and for Mommy)

Here is Kelse craying a bit because the water splashed her.

oh! much better

looking for seashells

she played with this boy. they were jumping up everytime a 'wave' came

Salma was very hungry. She ate really well. I ate Hawaiian Pizza again! after about 4 years (oh boy I missed eating pineapple)

it was a really nice day. they girls slept on our way back home.

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que lindo dia tuvieron ..disfrutaron de un rico dia de playita ..mi niƱas se divirtieron mucho por lo que veo! y como siempre lindas fotos del recuerdo...