Wednesday, September 15, 2010

picnic with the girls

Whenever I said the word 'park' they get very excited and start jumping. Well, this day I just wrote it down in our Day Schedule:: 'play and picnic at the park'
We packed our picnic lunch and headed to the park. We could not complaint. The weather was nice. A little bit of breeze. Just perfect.

Kelsey was exploring the playground. She wanted to try everything. Even the big slide. Always having her big sister next to her. 

"Mommy look at me!"

then we found a nice spot in the park where we could eat. Under a tree. Just perfect. Oh boy where they hungry.
:: flour tortilla quesadillas
:: grapes
:: star shaped apples
:: boiled eggs
:: baby carrots
You would think we were full. Well, one hour later we went to pick up Daddy so he could eat lunch and we ate again.

Kelsey eats well, but sometimes she prefers to live on snacks. When it is mealtime she sometimes eats a tiny bit and does not want anything else. Later, she ends up asking for a snack. I guess this time she finished everything because it looked like a snack rather than lunch.

taking a break. looking at the beautiful sky. 

it was a beautiful day. The sky looked nice.

enough quiet time. It is time to chase the butterflies. And so they did until they heard something. It was a little boat in the water.

now it is time to throw rocks in the water, but this did not last long because I was afraid they would fall in the water.

She wanted me to picture her using the 'big kids' swing' 

It was a nice day to spend our day.



como siempre lo pasaron relindo y muy bonitas tomas . bellas mis nietas..yo tambien me da miedo que se vayan a caer al agua etaba alli nomas!

Anonymous said...

que rico picnic,,, bien nutritivo...mis sobrinitas estan ien alimentadas..las quiero mucho